Paul is 47 years old and doesn't like writing about himself in the 3rd person.


I started taking pictures in my teens, then at the age of 23 decided that I wanted to make a career out of photography and went to study in Rome, Italy. I wanted to be a fashion photographer. I came back to London, to assist a number of photographers who were mainly shooting fashion and worked for 5 years on shoots from Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle etc., to Catalogue shoots and women's magazines, I got to see a lot of different types and styles of shoot, at all budgets. From the huge budgets of Conde Nast Traveller and working with Annie Liebovitz, to the totally budget shoots working out of the back of a car. At 30 I started shooting for myself, having been thrown into my first professional shoot for Burberry's, when the photographer I was working for became ill. I then started shooting for teenage fashion magazines, working up to women's titles including Woman & Home, Prima, Essentials, That's Life, Take a Break, The Sunday Times and many more. I also shot some catalogue and advertising work. I have shot fashion, still life, beauty and much more for many editorial titles, including many Wedding Magazines. For the last few years I've worked mainly for the Daily Mail, on a freelance basis, shooting fashion, portraits and still life, including many celebrity pictures. I'm now expanding my photography into new markets, weddings, events, portraits & pets.


My photographic style has always revolved around quality and light. Early on in my studies, one of my mentors taught me that anything can be made to look beautiful, if it is lit with beautiful light. That has stuck with me. I pride myself on how I use light, especially available light. I tend not to use flash unless its absolutely necessary. People generally don't look their best when blasted with light from a flash gun.


Taking great photographs is all about capturing "moments in time". It is the same for fashion as it is for weddings or events, its all about seeing the moment, seeing the way the light falls on that moment and clicking the shutter, all the time making sure that the crop of the image is perfect and everything is in focus.




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"moments in time"

What is a photograph - if not a Moment in Time

It's what every photograph I have ever aspired to take is all about. Capturing that amazing moment in time when all the elements are just right and being able to go back to the image and remember that special moment. Its the lighting, the expression on someone's face, the way someone was standing, the emotion in their face, its so many things. But it is always essentially a moment in time.

a quote from myself to myself November 2009



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all images on this site are copyright © paul tansley 2012 / contact t:+44 (0)1428 714509 / m:+44 (0)7973 669584